May 2017


In the context of the World Wrestling Championships which will take place in Paris in August 2017, the Eiffel Tower is once again getting involved in sport and challenge! For 4 days (from 25th to 28th May) it will host, 57 m up, the French Wrestling Federation (FFL) and the members of the French team for a programme of free activities allowing people to discover this sport.  

What is wrestling? 

Thousands of years old, wrestling has existed since the Ancient Olympic Games and has proved itself capable of evolving to remain a modern Olympic sport. With more than 80 million participants spread across 210 countries, the 5th most practised sport in the world, it is present on every continent. The French Wrestling Federation (FFL) registers almost 50,000 participants within France, including more than 20,000 members.Accessible to all with no restrictions on age, gender or body type, wrestling is a natural discipline which responds to human instincts of defence, survival, conquest and play, with the golden rule of not causing injury.Combining strength and endurance, agility and coordination, strategy and tactics, it instils a taste for hard work and the surpassing of limits, in addition to the respect of the opponent and the rules. It boosts confidence and serenity, and contributes to personal growth and wellbeing.

A programme of free activities open to all

Demonstrations, introductions, autograph sessions and games with the mascot Eiffy, these activities guarantee a fun discovery of the sport with family or friends.

From 25th to 28th May from 11:00 to 19:00, on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, in the open air, the programme includes:

  • demonstrations (with the coaches and training sessions of the French team)
  • introductory sessions for all ages (fights and wrestling training)
  • autograph sessions with the French team
  • photo sessions with the mascot Eiffy

A competition will also be organised on social media to win seats for the World Championships which take place in Paris from 21st to 26th August.  @parislutte2017 and @LatourEiffel, are the accounts to follow!

The Tower in partnership with big sporting events in Paris

The Eiffel Tower, the window of Paris to the world, is working in partnership with major sporting events to help broadcast the most attractive and fun image of sport, as well as its values.

Therefore, from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May, the Tower is happy to offer its visitors a discovery of wrestling a few months before the World Championships.

In this context, the Eiffel Tower operating company (SETE) assists the City Council of Paris in its welcoming of high calibre sporting competitions, with particular regards to the candidature of Paris for the 2024 Olympics.

The Tower was recently one of the symbols of EURO 2016. Similarly, this winter with its ice rink on an ice hockey theme, the monument contributed to the promotion of this sport and its World Championships which took place in Paris in May. 


The Eiffel Tower is open on the 25th, 26th and 27th May from 9:30 to 00:45

and on the 28th May from 9:30 to 0:00.


Stairs entrance ticket: Adult - €7 / Young people 12 to 24 years - €5 / Children 4 to 11years - €3

Lift entrance ticket (1st and 2nd floor) : Adult - €11 / Young people 12 to 24 years - €8.50 / Children 4 to 11years - €4

Children under 4 years visit the Eiffel Tower for free.

You can purchase and reserve tickets at