December 2016


For Christmas, the Eiffel Tower is now selling its “Diamond Lights”, authentic lightbulbs which made the monument sparkle, transformed into decorative collectors’ items. An exceptional piece for collectors of rare objects or those who are passionate about the Tower!

An authentic piece in a numbered limited edition

Every night, the Eiffel Tower sparkles during the hours of the magical spectacle of its shimmering illumination.

For the first time, the Eiffel Tower has produced a limited edition collector’s item produced from that sparkling daily spectacle created for the arrival of the new millennium in the year 2000 by lighting designer Pierre Bideau. The flashing bulbs, real “Diamond Lights” creating the twinkling effect, have been dismantled from the Tower then fixed on a base of soft steel and gently riveted in a way reminiscent of the puddled iron used by Gustave Eiffel for the construction of the Tower.

The “Diamond Light” has been designed as a true decorative object for the collector (the bulbs no longer fulfil their original function as lamps). It is produced in a limited edition of only 300 numbered examples. Each “Diamond Light” is unique. It bears the marks of its life on the Tower, strokes of a paintbrush or some other imperfections, as so many proofs of its authenticity.

A unique item to give as a gift or as a treat for yourself 

The “Diamond Light” was developed in collaboration with ARTEUM, a leading European player in the world of cultural and touristic retail and a producer and distributor of creative products under licence.

Its packaging was designed so as to enhance the authentic and “industrial” spirit of the object, using simple wood as its basic material.

As a unique piece, a rare object, and one which bears the history of the Eiffel Tower, the “Diamond Light” is an original idea, which will delight collectors of authentic objects and those who love the Eiffel Tower alike.

Where and how can I buy a “Diamond Light”?

The “Diamond Light” is on sale as of Friday 02 December, directly from the official website of the Eiffel Tower for the price of € 450 each, included postage. Only 300 are being offered for sale, each being accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Find the “Diamond Light” at:

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