Décembre 2014

On 21st January, the Elevator World Tour™ Paris will bring together the best start-ups for the famous Elevator Pitch in the Eiffel Tower elevators. The competition winner will benefit from an investment of $100,000.

Next 21st January, a selection of the most promising French start-ups will present themselves to a jury made up of investors and experts, hoping to win the competition and the financing offered on top. But it’s not a classic start-up competition, as each entrepreneur will only have the time it takes to reach the first floor of the Eiffel Tower from the ground to convince the jury in the elevator.

The Elevator World Tour Paris is organised by 50 Partners, the International Startup Festival and the SETE, the company managing the monument on behalf of the City of Paris.

“‘Real utopia’ itself, the Eiffel Tower is delighted to welcome young, persuasive entrepreneurs with projects for the future, just like Gustave Eiffel in his time”, says Eric Spitz, managing director of SETE.

In the world of start-ups, an elevator pitch consists of presenting your project in a very global way, in less time than it takes to ride an elevator, but while being sufficiently convincing that you get an appointment.

The event is part of a worldwide start-up competition known under the name Elevator World Tour, which leads to elevator pitches in some of the most symbolic buildings in the world. Other venues on this world tour have been the CN Tower in Toronto and the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv. The next events are planned in New York, Rio, Barcelona, Berlin and Santiago.

“We’re delighted that the first European part o the Elevator World Tour is being held in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and one of the most symbolic monuments”, says Philippe Telio, founder of the event.

“Organising the event in the Eiffel Tower reminds us that some of the most ambitious projects have been supported by engineers and entrepreneurs and that the greatest successes always start with a strong vision and persevering founders. ” adds Jérôme Masurel, founder of 50 Partners.

Selected from the start-ups who pitch, the competition winner will win an investment of $100,000 from business angels and investors specialised in start-ups.

Start-ups can apply until 31st December on the event website (, and the event will take place on 21st January from 6pm to 11pm at the Eiffel Tower.