11 August 2015


The Eiffel Tower, an economic and tourism stakeholder and the cultural symbol of France throughout the world, is proud to become a part of the initiative undertaken by Paris Municipality and to associate its name with the extension .paris.

By becoming an ambassador alongside the .paris operation’s 100 pioneers, the Eiffel Tower is pleased to be a part of this project designed to promote the capital. This participation will benefit from a high level of visibility, in particular through the operation’s promotion on the Eiffel Tower’s social networks, as well through events which the SETE will reveal during the coming months.

In this way, the Tower continues to pursue its digital development strategy initiated in 2007, in particular with the development of online ticketing since 2009, the setting up of a website which broadcasts real-time information, two mobile apps, presence on social networks (Facebook page currently has 1,4 million fans), the online publication of immersive virtual historical exhibitions in the frame of its partnership with the Google Cultural Institute in July 2013, and, more recently, the creation of its two official channels, one on Youtube in September 2013 and the other on Dailymotion in December 2013.